Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

More and more people are going solar and there are many reasons why they do so. If you are not one of them then it’s time to prepare yourself to get one. Getting familiar with solar panel installation and maintenance is important before getting a solar panel installed in your home. This way you will know what to expect as well as the know-how to maintain your solar panels. You can also visit this site for more solar panel maintenance ideas.

How is the Solar Panel Installation Process Done?

The process of installing solar panels is affected by several factors so installing them should be planned properly by your solar providers. Here are the basic steps in solar panel installation:

Setting up of Scaffolding 

Most solar panels are stored in the roof but before your solar providers place the solar panels, scaffolding is set. This is made so they can be able to properly install the solar panels at the right angle and place.

Installation of Solar Panel Mounts

Solar panel mounts serve as the base of the solar panels. So they are installed first to make sure that the solar panels can be held in place and secured in the roof. Solar mounts can secure and support the weight of the solar panels to be installed. 

Installing the Solar Panels 

Once the solar panel mounts are good the solar panels are then installed. Technicians make sure that all the bolts and nuts are tightened to secure the solar panels in place. 

Wiring of Solar Panels 

Solar panels are connected by wired so they can conduct energy altogether. PLus wires are also used to connect them to other components of the solar panel system. Make sure that to shut down all household electricity supplies when wiring is being done to avoid accidents. 

Installing the Solar Inverter 

Inverters play an important role in converting the energy collected by the solar panels to usable energy. A cool pace will be the best place to put your solar inverters. It can be placed outdoors as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight and can be placed indoors at a cool temperature. 

Bonding Solar Inverter and Solar batteries 

Having solar batteries can make you capable of storing solar energy to be used when the sun is out. Solar investors are connected to solar batteries. 

Connecting the Inverter to the Consumer Unit

To be able to use the solar energy collected from your solar panels. The solar inverter should be connected to the consumer unit. Generation meters are connected to the monitor so you can be able to see your energy solar panel system performance. 

How is Solar Panel Maintenance Done?

You should be familiar with home solar panel cleaning tips & checklists that you have to look into. Your solar providers will be assisting you and giving you the details needed for your solar panel maintenance. Solar panels need maintenance to retain their efficiency and lengthen their lifespan. 

4 Tips on Increasing Solar Panel Efficiency 

Avoid Spraying Cold Water 

When cleaning solar panels make sure not to use cold water if the solar panels are still hot. So they usually recommend washing solar panels at night when the temperature is cool. If you are planning to do the washing make sure to take note of this or better yet have your solar providers do the washing for you. 

Check for Blockages

Since your solar panels are exposed to outside elements such as dried leaves, dust, or any other elements that can make them dirty or can obstruct your solar panels. Make sure to clear them since this can affect the productivity of your solar panels. 

Use Proper Tools 

When washing your solar panels, a soft sponge would be used to avoid scratching it and or breaking it. Solar providers have the proper tools for cleaning your solar panels.

Annual Inspection 

Regular solar panel maintenance is done every year. Have solar panels be checked regularly so they can check your solar panels for any cracks as well as the overall condition of your solar panel system. This can prevent further damages and can save you from spending on repairs and replacements. 


Solar panel installation and maintenance should be learned even before getting one since getting a solar panel is an investment.