The San Fernando Valley is a prominent California area with multiple incorporated cities. Burbank is located in the southeastern portion of the valley, while San Fernando (officially known as Sylmar) lies in the northern part.

The quake caused ground fractures and landslides across the mountains and along major highways in northwestern Los Angeles. The damage prompted the state of California to adopt seismic design practices.

Water Damage

Water damage is a common disaster effect, whether from flooding, natural events or disasters, burst pipes, a faulty washing machine, or even an overflowing toilet. Water can warp floorboards, ruin cabinets, saturate carpeting, and destroy furniture, but most of these items can be saved with prompt and professional water restoration.

However, the longer that water stays in your home, the worse the problem becomes. Moisture can lead to more severe issues, such as mold, bacteria, and health hazards.

San Fernando Valley Restoration 1’s emergency response teams work to quickly and thoroughly assess the damage, perform necessary repairs and cleanup, dry and dehumidify, and deodorize areas affected by flood, fire, sewage backup, or other catastrophe effects. Our services are regulated by local, state, and federal regulations and are performed by highly trained professionals who follow strict IICRC standards. Please get in touch with our office to discuss our emergency services.

Fire Damage

Fire damage is a devastating experience, but it can be minimized with the help of fire and smoke restoration experts. They can restore your family’s belongings and salvage the most important items for you. Call the professionals immediately if you are experiencing a fire in your home or business.

Fire-damaged items must be restored quickly, as the smoke residue is acidic and can corrode surfaces if left untreated. It also contains unhealthy smoke that can affect your family’s health. The odor from the smoke can permeate furniture, clothes, and even air ducts. It would be best to eliminate these odors as soon as possible.

All Restoration 1(r) Franchise employees are hired by, employed by, and work under the sole supervision and control of an independently owned and operated Restoration 1 Franchisee. The franchisee’s management team will review your application. Restoration 1 is firmly committed to equal opportunity in employment and complying with all applicable laws and governmental regulations at the state and local levels that prohibit discrimination.

Sewage Damage

Experiencing sewage damage in your home or business is one of the most devastating things that can happen. Not only does it create a foul smell and pose health hazards, but it also causes extensive damage to your property. Fortunately, you can depend on our professional team to clean up the mess and restore your property to normal.

Whether your sewer line has backed up from a blockage or you’ve experienced a sewage spill, our team of professionals has the expertise and tools to handle any situation. We can help you return your property to its normal condition by removing any affected materials and cleaning and disinfecting the rest.

San Fernando Valley Restoration 1 is an equal opportunity employer firmly committed to complying with all state and local laws prohibiting discrimination. An independent franchisee reviews all applications, and that franchisee makes hiring decisions. This location is owned and operated by a Restoration 1 Franchise Holding, LLC franchisee.

Mold Damage

When mold grows in your house or business, you should take it seriously. It is not only unsightly, but it is also dangerous. If you are still determining the type of mold on your property, you can call Restorerz Emergency Services for an inspection and test. They can identify the kind of mold on your property and start the remediation process. This includes cleaning the affected areas, sanitizing them, and checking for proper air filtration.

Water damage in homes and businesses must be handled immediately before it leads to more significant issues like mold and bacteria. This can result from burst pipes, washing machines, or natural events and disasters that cause flooding. Water can damage walls, wooden floors, heating and cooling systems, and carpets. It can also lead to other problems, such as health hazards and property loss. This is why you need a company that can provide fast, effective, and affordable water restoration services.