Lets Unravel Some 3 Seater Sofa Decor Ideas

Sofa sets are the best place for a family to get together and have fun with friends. Use your favorite sofa set to lighten up your living room and bring it to life. A sofa set should always feel comfortable enough to sit on for a long period. Sitting on your 3 seater sofa on the weekend and watching a movie with family and friends is the best way to spend the weekend. The idea of a three-seater became more popular when the entire family did not fit into a two-seater sofa set. It acts as the perfect middle ground, which is neither too big nor too small for the living room. Those who do not have enough space for sectional sofas can go in for three seaters that also provide considerable space for all family members. Peep into the Wakefit website when you have time to find some lovely designs of 3 seater sofas with a wide range of colors. 


Choose a proper theme for the room:


The theme of the room has a huge impact on the sofa set. Make sure you fix a theme and have all the furniture and décor coordinate with the room’s theme. It mainly applies to the sofa set as it is the place where everyone meets and chats. A theme could be a type of style like the traditional or contemporary one. Choose your sofa accordingly. If you like it colorful, you could choose a rain theme or a colored theme to keep it your way. Don’t forget to add your flavors to the theme to give it a personal touch. 


Make the sofa your focal point:


For any living room, the sofa is always considered as a focal point. The reason is that all of us tend to head directly to the couch after a long day’s work. In addition, a sofa tends to be warm and welcoming to the tired soul. It thus acts as the center of attraction to the person entering the room. Arrange your sofa in the middle of the room with singles at the sides to form a complete look. You can also have two-seaters along with the three-seater if you have more family members in the house. Look online for layouts and arrangements of three-seater sofas so that you can adapt the same to your home. 


Pair it with the right kind of coffee table:


The sofa set should be paired with the right kind of coffee table to feel luxurious and sophisticated. The thumb rule here is that all the people sitting on the couch should place their teacups on the coffee table by themselves without getting up from their place. Also, make sure the design of the coffee table matches the sofa set. You can also place a large coffee table in the center and a small one at the sides to place your phone or decorate it with a traditional lamp to give a good aesthetic view. 


Remove the singles if you’re lacking space:


If you feel that you don’t have enough space and the sofa set makes your living room look cramped, avoid the singles and use chairs instead. You can use an armchair or a swing in one corner to give a unique look to the room. Use vintage furniture like a small love seat or a huge chair to look more attractive. Choose a sofa design that is sufficient to complete the room’s look even without the singles. 


Use the right kind of cushions:


The values of cushions are often underrated. But many of us do not know that cushions on the sofa set play a major part in the room’s look. If you like subtle and warm colors for the room, try using flashy or contrast-colored cushions that brighten up the look of the sofa set. You can also get matching cushions with the same fabric while buying the sofa set. Finally, consider buying the right kind of cushions along with the sofa set online so that you do need to hunt for cushions separately. 


Co-ordinate with the rest of the furniture:


A sofa set should match the interior decor of the room and get along with the rest of the furniture in the room. Don’t take risks by buying a unique sofa as it may look out of place and not match the other furniture in the room. It may even spoil the look of the room. 




The 3 seater sofa price is slightly more than the 2 seater ones but gives you extra space for the family to feel together. So choose the best one that fills your room and is suitable for your family.