How to Make Your Menu Cover Tell a Story

If at first you don’t want to believe that something as simple and plain as the type of menu cover you choose for your menus doesn’t make a difference, I understand. It seems like such a small thing, but let me tell you about what someone is thinking or feeling as they come to your restaurant. You know too much. Yes, you read that right. You know too much about how this industry works. You are in it all the time, and know all about the food and preparation that goes into it. This is your main focus, as it should be. But there are other factors that affect your guests’ experience in your establishment.

You see, your guests will be forming impressions, judgments even, at the first step they take in your doors. True, this can be an unfair assessment of the quality of your emenu restaurant, but that is not all you are selling. You are there to entertain. You are entertaining by way of great decor, fabulous service and wonderful food. The presentation of all these things goes a long way towards exceeding your guests’ expectations and leading them to a great experience that they can’t stop telling their friends about.

The bottom line is that you can’t get past those impressions, so they better count. Once your guests sit in their chairs, usually their first sense of your food is through your menu. Think about what they feel like. Does your menu cover the food ordering system of the right material and feel like your restaurant? In other words, is the message congruent? You want the type of food that you serve to be reflected in your decor, service and down to your restaurant menu covers to be consistent. This innately puts your guests at ease. They will get a sense of comfort and familiarity in a way that they would not necessarily put into words.

Again, this boils down to impressions and what type of experience you are wanting to provide. Every restaurant owner or manager wants to believe that their food is the best. This has to be the case or you wouldn’t have put your energy into this place. Depending upon your goals, the food may be your only concern. It is quite possible that some of the best food tto comes out of kitchens in restaurants that use plastic menu covers that can get sprayed and wiped off with a white dish towel to be used for the next rush. There is nothing wrong with this type of menu cover. Likewise, a great steakhouse should probably have leather menu covers to make the experience more congruent as well. Again, you are trying to match your guests’ experience with your restaurant’s many factors. When all these things fall into place, the idea of what type of menu cover you use seems insignificant, only because it isn’t noticed, just how you want it to be.