A+I Designs New Hudson Yards Headquarters for Equinox

A dedicated lobby features a reception desk that evokes a well-worn river stone, while rows of dynamic point lights create a cloud-like canopy. Photography courtesy of A+I.

When Equinox opted to locate its new headquarters in Hudson Yards, the company turned to architecture, strategy, and experience design firm Architecture +Information. The plan? To create a high-performance HQ that would reflect its evolving identity as a premier, luxury lifestyle brand. The workspace is designed to increase creativity and innovation by bringing people together—featuring open floor plans and interconnected levels with comfortable corners carved out for private conversations and relaxing breaks. The 117,000-square-foot HQ includes space for executive, marketing, design, construction, and operations teams all under one roof—the same roof that also shelters the brand’s largest fitness club and the first Equinox Hotel.

A central, metal-and-glass floating staircase leads to the upper level and main boardroom. The Atrium is a three-story aerie that connects the workspaces with the creative hubs on either side, the executive board room above, and a lively social hub, dubbed The Spring, below. Photography courtesy of A+I.
Spread across four floors, the workspace is arranged to embody the Equinox core themes: movement, nutrition, and regeneration. The floors are linked through clear sightlines, pathways, and a variety of work and meeting areas. Photography courtesy of A+I.
The design often riffs on elements that are found in the fitness clubs. Photography courtesy of A+I.

A+I partnered with furniture manufacturer Innovant to develop a custom desk system tailored to brand values and aesthetics. The assigned desks are adjustable and encourage motion. They also feature perforated copper screens to allow employees a sense of privacy and easier collaboration. Photography courtesy of A+I.
A richly textured corner. Photography courtesy of A+I.
A private office. Photography courtesy of A+I.
A conference room. Photography courtesy of A+I.
Every element contributes to the overall experience, highlighting Equinox brand values. Photography courtesy of A+I.
Regen(-eration) Rooms welcome employees to take some time out from their workday. Photography courtesy of A+I.
The Spring is the social hub of the new headquarters, with plush, casual furniture and a café—all with panoramic views of the Hudson River. Photography courtesy of A+I.

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