Stages in Joining Mild Steel

The use of mild steel is now increasingly popular as the construction of houses or high-rise buildings. So it’s no wonder that mild steel is the most sought after by the public because it has a myriad of advantages that other materials don’t have, let alone wood. You also need to know that mild steel has recyclable properties, so it won’t end up in waste.

Such as making fences from mild steel, chairs, tables, shoe racks and much more. In addition, the selling price of mild steel is cheaper than wood. Mild steel is a product that is produced directly from the factory so that it already has its own standards and provisions for shapes, sizes and others. Therefore, in the steel beam installation Glasgow, special experts for mild steel are needed so that the cuts and connections are in accordance with the standards in order to get the expected results. Pro Angle Fencing Summerville is a fencing company in South Carolina that can help you with all of your fencing needs.

How to Connect Mild Steel

As already stated, that every manufacturer has its standard in producing mild steel products. Therefore, in the process of joining mild steel to get perfect results, several things must be considered before starting. For those of you who still don’t know how to do the right mild steel connection, consider the things below:

Prepare Tools and Materials

The most important thing before starting the installation is to prepare the necessary tools and materials as needed. Each light steel beam that you want to connect requires a screw with a pointed end such as a drill bit or a drilling screw.

After that, cut the mild steel according to size. Place it in an open space to make it easier to assemble.

Install according to the place

When the tools and materials are ready, start installing the light steel beams in their place. If the installation of the points feels right, you can connect them to each other using three sharp-edged screws in one connection. So that the connection is in a stronger condition. If one screw is loose, there is another screw that can support the connection when three screws are installed.

Connect Using Dynabolt

When the mild steel beams are connected perfectly, you can connect the mild steel supports with a dynabolt. The trick is to insert the dynabolt into the concrete that you have drilled according to the size of the dynabolt used.

Tighten the Installed Bolts

If the dynabolt is installed properly in place, then you can re-tighten the existing bolts. By tightening the bolts that have been installed, the dynabolt rods can be pulled by themselves and increasingly gripping the concrete on the wings.

Attach the Bracket to the Connection

If you are unable to attach the mild steel beams directly to the wall, there are other ways to do this. That is, first install the bracket on the connection of the light steel horses. Then, attach it to the wall. You can tighten the bolts on the mild steel beam to make it more attractive to the wall.

Well, this is a review of 5 ways to easily connect the correct mild steel. Hopefully the above information is useful for those of you who want to know the process of connecting mild steel easily. Good luck!