4 Main Idea For Minimalist Bathroom Renovation Tips

When you are getting tired of the appearance of your minimalist bathroom, especially if it has been more than five years, no changes have been made, whether it is about the color or the furniture in it. Of course there will be a desire to refresh the atmosphere in your bathroom so that it feels more fresh and cheerful when you be in it.


Alright, before you decide to make a big change to create a bathroom renovation reading that’s perfect for you healthy, always looks fresh and most importantly it doesn’t make you bored quickly when you’re in it, so I will share some tips this time and hopefully be an inspiration for you. 

Change the color of the walls and ceiling

The first thing that is easy to make a minimalist bathroom is to change the atmosphere of your bathroom, namely by changing the appearance of the paint color on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom. You can choose wall paint with bright and fresh colors such as beige, light yellow, or even light green. Of course you know that light green will be able to bring a fresh atmosphere in the room and don’t choose colors that are too contrasting to dark like red and brown.


Replacing old furniture

If your bathroom is equipped with several furniture such as cabinets, tables, large glass and others. Then prepare your budget to replace some of your furniture with bright designs and colors that match the color of your bathroom walls. Choose furniture with a minimalist concept, such as a small shelf cabinet with a square shape so that it doesn’t take up much space in the bathroom.

You can replace the bathroom glass with a large size because this will add to the atmosphere inside feels more spacious.


Lighting in the bathroom

factors that affect the atmosphere in the bathroom is light, use lights that can be adjusted or with a dimmer lamp. This will make the atmosphere in the bathroom you can determine according to your wishes, because sometimes you need a very bright light and at other times you may want the atmosphere in the bathroom to look romantic so you only need to set the dimmer. Complete your table or cupboard with candles if needed. You like .

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Replacing Ceramic Floor

So, if your funds are sufficient, then by replacing the bathroom tile floor, you will get a new, fresher atmosphere. Choose a ceramic design that is bright and not slippery. Adjust the color of the floor tiles with the color of your bathroom walls. Do not choose floor tiles with colors that easily make you bored. The good news in this case is that you can choose the colors and motifs of ceramics that are widely available at this time, many manufacturers are starting to make ceramic color designs that are so beautiful and luxurious. once again use a ceramic floor that is not slippery because this will certainly be dangerous if you slip.